New Water Requirements For Loggers

Cal­i­for­nia reg­u­la­tors have expanded water report­ing require­ments for log­ging com­pa­nies in response to the state’s ongo­ing drought.
The Cal­i­for­nia Board of Forestry now requires the com­pa­nies to dis­close how much water they extract from any stream in the state for dust con­trol. The require­ment pre­vi­ously applied only to streams where salmon or steel­head fish were present, The Sacra­mento Bee reported on Thurs­day.
The prac­tice of spray­ing water for dust con­trol is known as water draft­ing.
It is intended to pro­tect plants, ani­mals and peo­ple from dust gen­er­ated by log­ging trucks.
The forestry board’s exec­u­tive direc­tor, George Gen­try, said offi­cials don’t want to see already low streams depleted fur­ther, which could have a seri­ous impact on fish and users down­stream.
“We have to be very cau­tious about how much water we pull out right now,” Gen­try said.
The new require­ment applies only to new log­ging plans.