HazMobile Event Today and Tomorrow

A Haz­Mo­bile event will be held today and tomor­row at Kmart from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. House­holds can bring up to 15 gal­lons of toxic items free-of-charge. Items that are accepted include paint, sol­vents, fuels, 5-gallon propane tanks, pool chem­i­cals, pes­ti­cides, her­bi­cides, bat­ter­ies, flu­o­res­cent light tubes (up to 60-linear foot) and other toxic mate­ri­als that can­not be put in the trash.Items that can­not be accepted include tele­vi­sions, com­puter mon­i­tors, ammu­ni­tion, explo­sives, radioac­tive mate­ri­als or infec­tious wastes.