Teachers Ask UUSD for Bigger Raise

Teach­ers attend­ing this week’s meet­ing of the Ukiah Uni­fied School District’s board of direc­tors packed the room to ask for more money. One of the teach­ers told the board that ten per­cent is not too much to ask for when we they are already 14 per­cent behind. The dis­trict and the teach­ers’ union are in the mid­dle of nego­ti­at­ing new con­tracts. UUSD Super­in­ten­dent Deb Kubin said last year’s nego­ti­a­tions ended with the teach­ers receiv­ing a 5.72 per­cent increase that was retroac­tive to July of 2012. This year, the dis­trict offered them a 3.25 per­cent raise, and the teach­ers requested a 10-percent raise. The dis­trict and UTA will be back at the bar­gain­ing table tomor­row, and Saturday.