Support of Millview Water Right Declined

The Men­do­cino County Board of Super­vi­sors this week voted to not send a let­ter sup­port­ing Mil­lview County Water District’s bid to main­tain a water right the state may revoke. Last month, the State Water Resources Con­trol Board issued a draft order revok­ing License 5763, stat­ing that the “water has not been put to use­ful or ben­e­fi­cial pur­pose for a period of five years or more.” Ken Budrow, pres­i­dent of the Mil­lview County Water District’s board of direc­tors, told the Men­do­cino board that the water license, allow­ing Russ­ian River diver­sion, could pro­vide 5,800 res­i­dents with 200 gal­lons a day. He added the water could also be used to help other dis­tricts such as Red­wood Val­ley County Water Dis­trict, which cur­rently has cut off agri­cul­tural users. The major­ity of the board decided not to sup­port the let­ter because they didn’t want to be put in the mid­dle of a water right fight.” The state water board will accept pub­lic com­ments on the water license revo­ca­tion until Fri­day, May 9th.