Former Coach re-sentenced in molestation case

In Men­do­cino County, the for­mer coach of an all-girls water ski team will serve two fewer years in prison than he was orig­i­nally sen­tenced to serve for molest­ing one of his team mem­bers when she was 7 years old. 71 year old Richard Kruse was con­victed in March of 2012 of lewd and las­civ­i­ous acts with a child younger than 14. Kruse was sen­tenced a few months later to the max­i­mum term of 10 years in prison. He appealed the rul­ing and was resen­tenced Tues­day based on a state appel­late court’s find­ing that there wasn’t enough evi­dence at his trial to show he used force, a nec­es­sary com­po­nent of the charge. Judge Ann Moor­man, who sen­tenced Kruse in 2012, gave him the max­i­mum eight years in prison. In issu­ing the new sen­tence, Moor­man found that Kruse com­mit­ted the act “with a high degree of cru­elty, vicious­ness and callousness.”