Ukiah Citizens for Safety First to Face 2 Attorneys

A group suing the city of Ukiah over the envi­ron­men­tal impact report pre­pared for a pro­posed Costco store will go up against 2 attor­neys: one for the store, and another for the city. The law­suit, filed by Ukiah Cit­i­zens for Safety First, claims that Costco “will cre­ate dan­ger­ous traf­fic con­di­tions on High­way 101″ and its EIR should not have been cer­ti­fied by the Ukiah City Coun­cil. Accord­ing to the City Attor­ney, Costco has agreed to defend the City Council’s deci­sion to cer­tify the EIR and has retained legal coun­sel to defend the deci­sion. But he also rec­om­mended that the City retain their own attor­ney because of their exper­tise and famil­iar­ity with the admin­is­tra­tive record and the issues raised by suing group dur­ing the admin­is­tra­tive hear­ings. Costco’s legal coun­sel will take the lead in the lit­i­ga­tion and per­form most of the work, but the city’s legal coun­sel will be avail­able to con­sult and pro­vide back-up, when nec­es­sary. The City Coun­cil approved the suggestion.