Willits Lowers Drought Emergency

The Willits City Coun­cil has voted to reduce the Willits water emer­gency level from Phase V to Phase IV. Phase IV emer­gency water restric­tions include a 25 per­cent cut for com­mer­cial and indus­trial users com­pared with the prior year and a 200 gal­lon per day max­i­mum res­i­den­tial use.The rains in Feb­ru­ary and March which have helped the Willits water sup­ply recover is what prompted the move. Mor­ris Reser­voir is com­pletely full with water flow­ing over its spill­way while Cen­ten­nial Reser­voir is not yet com­pletely full. The two reser­voirs con­tain 1,249 acre feet of water as of March 10. The reser­voirs have enough water to sup­ply city cus­tomers for at least a year at 2012 nor­mal usage rates, based on the 2012 annual report pro­vided by the city to the Divi­sion of Water Resources.