PG&E Asks for Water Release Reduction

Since Lake Medo­cino depends on Lake Pils­bury for its stor­age, PG&E is ask­ing to reduce the amount of water it releases from Scott Dam. Russ­ian River Flood Con­trol & Water Con­ser­va­tion Improve­ment Dis­trict, Gen­eral Man­ager Sean White said their board has signed a let­ter advis­ing all who depend on water from Lake Men­do­cino and the Russ­ian River to vol­un­tar­ily con­serve water. White also wrote, “In the face of extreme drought, it is essen­tial to pre­serve the exist­ing water in Lake Men­do­cino for use dur­ing the frost and sum­mer irri­ga­tion sea­son. It is impor­tant to under­stand that every gal­lon taken from the river has to be replaced by a gal­lon released from the lake. Please con­sider the impact of any water use at this time.”