Mendocino Budget Looking Better

Men­do­cino County CEO Carmel Angelo says the county’s finan­cial cri­sis is nearly over, and she’s encour­ag­ing lead­ers to look at how the county oper­ates in the future with a big-picture view. She says there’s going to be more focus on pol­icy issues, and less on oper­a­tions and the bud­get, which is the way it should be. Among those poli­cies, Angelo says the board must address, pen­sion and health care costs. She also says the county needs to con­tinue to reduce its costs, in part, by con­tin­u­ing to look for ways to con­sol­i­date ser­vices. Angelo also says to look for eco­nomic devel­op­ment to improve the county’s bud­get in 2014 and beyond, as local leg­is­la­tors take steps to attract indus­try and other busi­ness to Men­do­cino County.