Proposed Sales Tax Approved

The Lake County Board of Super­vi­sors unan­i­mously approved a pro­posed lake sales tax this week. The 0.5 per­cent trans­ac­tion and use tax will fund var­i­ous Water Resources projects. The money raised will go towards water qual­ity pro­grams like mon­i­tor­ing, dredg­ing Burns Val­ley Creek, restora­tion of Mid­dle Creek Marsh, cre­ation of wet­land adja­cent to the east canal of the Clear Lake Keys, and more. The tax money can only be used for pro­grams listed in the ordi­nance, which will be put on the June elec­tion bal­lot. The ordi­nance is headed to the Board of Equal­iza­tion for fur­ther review and approval, and will return to the BOS in late Jan­u­ary to early February.