LPD Claim Video Inaccurate

A video by a man who claims he’s being har­rassed by Lake­port res­i­dents and police is inac­cu­rate accord­ing to the LPD. The video cre­ated by Enrique Gon­za­lez of Lake­port which aired on the national TV show “Right This Minute,” fea­tures cuts of vehi­cles he claimed tried to run him down, dri­vers honk­ing at him, peo­ple yelling obscen­i­ties and a woman who allegedly tried to strike him with her hand from the cab of a truck. Police say they have numer­ous cases on file where he is the report­ing per­son alleg­ing harass­ment or mem­bers of the com­mu­nity who are report­ing alle­ga­tions of harass­ment by him. LPD say they were not con­tacted by any­body from the tele­vi­sion show to ver­ify information.